How can my school get involved in National #MyTrueSelfie Day?

We're encouraging schools to take part in National #MyTrueSelfie Day!


There are over 1 million selfies taken each day but we feel that the ‘self’ part of these pictures is getting a little lost. Body image and self-esteem is also a growing issue in the UK, particularly amongst young people: around half of girls and up to one third of boys have dieted to lose weight, and over half of bullying experienced by young people in a 2014 study was because of appearance.


At The Diana Award we are all about encouraging people to celebrate what makes us different and unique.


That’s why we’ve created #MyTrueSelfie.  It’s a little different to most apps- you don’t get the option to whiten your teeth, add a filter or re-shape your face. We’ve re-imagined the selfie and created a selfie site that represents who you are and all those qualities that make you, YOU.


National #MyTrueSelfie Day is on Tuesday 18th July and we want your school to get involved! Here’s how:


We hope you enjoy getting involved and we look forward to seeing your very own #MyTrueSelfie!